Testimonial from Jaime Russell, Information Technology Director​

Jaime Russell, Information Technology Director_

“Our District has benefited greatly from working with Jessica.  Our data team was already using Google’s Looker Studio tool to share assessment data with faculty, but we were encountering limitations given Google’s limited documentation for this tool and the unique challenges of making student data actionable.  We contacted Jessica this school year to help us take our Looker Studio work to the next level.  Specifically, she has guided our work so we can more effectively gather assessment data, as well as share it back out to faculty using more varied views and integrations with other student data.  Throughout this process we have benefited from Jessica’s combined understanding of both Google’s suite of tools and her real-world experience with presenting student data in a way that is relevant to faculty.  Her approach not only helped us accomplish goals, but along the way she took care to build our own understanding in the tools so that we can continue to expand on it.  We particularly appreciate her level of commitment as she willingly works through even requests unique to our own District’s requirements.  We greatly appreciate that we will continue to have an ongoing working relationship with Jessica that will help us continue to leverage Google’s suite of tools to expand effective use of student data to inform instruction and programming.”

-Jaime Russell, Information Technology Director

If you’d like to chat more about what this looks like in your school or district, book a free hour here. :)

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